Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hi, Isis,

It’s not that it took that long to notify him, but rather, his delay in the classroom after Chief of Staff Andy Card informed him of the second WTC strike that critics fixate on as some kind of sin.

Now, for WTC 7…The building had 47 floors, was 570 feet tall, and had 1,868,000 square feet of office spaceIt was connected by a pedestrian bridge to the main WTC complex, and was just north of the main WTC complex, across Vesey Street. (image)
Now, WTC 6 was a much smaller building, so there was a relatively unobstructed path from the north face of WTC 1 toward WTC 7. (image)

FEMA released a preliminary report on the collapse of WTC 7 in May of 2002, and stated that it was their hypothesis that the building collapsed due to fires on several stories caused by debris from the 1 WTC 1 and 2 WTC, and not from impact damage of their collapse. Basically, loss of structural integrity was likely caused by the fires on the 5th to 7th floors, and, although this report was inconclusive and largely incomplete, it is known that there was a diesel fuel line on the premises, and that the stores of fuel could have helped fuel the fire.
The Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is in the process of investigating the collapse. (link)

“This study draws on several experts from places like the Structural Engineering Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers (SEI/ASCE), the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), and the Structural Engineers Association of New York (SEAoNY).”

This study has released video and photograph analysis of WTC 7 before the collapse that seems to indicate a greater degree of structural damage from falling debris than originally assumed. Specifically, a large 10-story gash on the south facade, extending a third across the face of the building and approximately a quarter of the way into the interior. In other words, the side that faced WTC 1, and was most the most likely to be affected by debris shot out of the north face of WTC 1 when the airplane struck.
Now, unlike the towers, WTC 7 was designed around outer structural support columns that held 2,000 sq ft of floor space.
If one removed a number of these supports all at once, the structural integrity of the building would be severely compromised. News footage of the collapse clearly shows visible cracking and bowing of the east wall immediately before the collapse, which, by all accounts started from the penthouse floors.
So, contrary to popular myth, it was more that just office equipment and furniture that was ejected from WTC 1.
Legal action against architects or construction companies makes no sense whatsoever since they are not the ones responsible for the collapse of these buildings. All three buildings were fireproofed, however, the impact of the huge airliners into WTC 1 & 2 caused the fireproof insulation to dislodge from the steel support columns. They were designed to withstand impact from the largest airliners in use in 1968, a Boeing 707-320. That model weighed 263,000 lbs, with an approach and landing speed of 180 mph. The towers were hit by 767’s, which are 180 feet long, have a wingspan of 156 feet, carry up to 24,000 US gallons of jet fuel. They hit traveling between 490-590 mph. Remember that KE=½mv² , kinetic energy = half the mass times the velocity squared. In other words, the 767s that hit the towers had a kinetic energy more than seven times greater than the designers had calculated. The impact severed a several load bearing support columns, and exploded inside each tower, igniting about 10,000 gallons of jet fuel, sending papers, furniture, carpeting, computers, books, walls, framing and other items in all the affected floors out the other side. (link)

In 1993, when Al-Qaeda operative Ramzi Yousef attacked the WTC 1 by placing a car bomb in an underground parking garage, he used a simple 1,500-lb urea nitrate-fuel oil device, the velocity generated being +/- 15,000 ft/s, (link) nowhere near the amount of energy generated by the 767’s. Again, though, it wasn’t the impact of these planes that brought the buildings down. It was the weakening of key structural support columns due to intense heat generated by the fires. As for the collapses being a “textbook demolition”, I should point out that Coast Guard, NYPD, and News helicopters circling the area saw the upper floors, from the point of impact and above, start to wobble several minutes before the collapses. The NYPD, in fact, ordered their men out of the building prior to the collapse, but sadly, this information was not shared by the NYFD because the two did not share radio frequencies. I have never heard of a “textbook demolition” where the building wobbles before hand.
As far as the “damning evidence” I have found nothing but the same tired questions and baseless accusations, without a shred of actual, scientific, evidence with which to support them, only speculative and groundless assumptions, at best, and at worst, out-right misinformation.
The pilots that flew these terror missions were by no means amateurs, in the true sense of the word. They were specifically chosen for their aptitude, and dedication, and they underwent months of rigorous flight training, both in real-world, and simulations. The attack on the Pentagon, (not a small target, by any means) was much like a standard fast descent maneuver, which would have been learned as part of their standard training as a precursor to landing.
I think that the worst part of this hoax is that people try and link the attacks to “sources within” my own government. There is not one shred, not even a tiny iota, of actual evidence to back that up. What does exist is an enormous paper trial, painstakingly investigated and reconstructed, linking a dangerous terror network that had intentions of carrying out a massive terror attack on American soil, since the end of the first Gulf War.
The only thing this, and other administrations, in my country, are guilty of is inaction. I blame that on 600 years of mutual cultural indifference between the West and the Middle East.
I spent years getting searched going into KFC in Cairo, or onto campus, or large hotels, pretty much everywhere, because of the fear of terrorist attacks. I narrowly escaped grievous bodily harm on more than one occasion there, in just such attacks. On my return to this country I marveled at how innocent, and naïve people here were, to the seething rancor that some religious zealots in the Mid East felt towards them, and how lax security was everywhere, even after the 1993 attack.
Unlike most of my countrymen, I have been exposed to the worm of hate that Islamist militants feel toward the West, and it’s not that difficult for me to believe that they hate us, all of us, here in the West, simply because they feel that their way of life is better than ours. That’s really one of the main reasons that I am appalled by this 9/11 conspiracy myth…It distracts us from a growing threat to our way of life, not just in the United States, but in the Western world.
Your image reminded me that, in 1938, people within your government, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain being chief among them, achieved “Peace in our time” with the Munich Agreement with Hitler. It’s not always easy to see the gathering storm but, when it hits, we are all going to get wet.